All I Can Think About Is Named  Cliche´ - I Love The Spring🌸

Trying to figure out a great headliner that actually explains what things are or just been but everything I think of feels like soo cliche And so might even this headline as well and the picture from my "insta moment" ish ha, ha. But there are reasons for that atleast .

In fact I kinda have that kind of love-hate towards chliche´s in general and in my opinion there`s "good" ones, like I mean really underrated kinds of stuff but there are also things that are honestly just feels soooooo empty, tired and overused .

" It`s almost spring in the air , it`s spring now " .

Yes it is a little bit for sure, a little bit chilly for being completely spring but if it's going this way it definitely seems like it can be up-and-coming.

And Yes, I hate to admit it ( cause it feels soooo typical swede in a bad way and hate it ha, ha . Typical swedes in general dosen`t seem to know what siesta is ha, ha. One of the few times swedes almost "suddenly" doesn't care what "lagom" is that`s otherwise are important. ) but I do love it . Finally it seems like I can almost wear a bit more often dresses and spring outfits and so on. I looooove wearing dresses.

For a "little" while now, except for working ( kinda hard ) with music related stuffs I've been in my songwriting bubble . It's like I `ve been "spitting " lyrics out . How do people "survive" with out any writing?!? Sorry, not sorry but I barely don't get it.

Hey insta moment.

Been playing around and trying out a kinda "new" ish edit program- if you use any program/ app for photo editing for your blog or social media do you use ?

Let me know in the comments. Any one you do like or don`t like at all - in that case : why ?