Organic KRAV Trade Hot Cocoa Tea (!) & Bakfickan .

I`ve been writing and writing for a while now( like a couple of hours ). And editing.

My internet is back in the moment of writing this but it seems like it might be som tech issues on nouw though ( Ugh, I`m so, so fed up with technical issues at this point, oh boy ha, ha ..!!!)

Accidentally I deleted most of the text from the blog post I was writing on...

I did another blog post and tried to time scheduled it but I don`t know if it works out. I don`t trust the time schedule- sometimes it works and sometimes it`s not working and I have problem with writing comments and so on here on nouw .

If the time schedule actually will work out (and the post hasen`t gone away or something else ) correctly the post I tried to post will be published later on today 17.00 in the evening Swedish time .

Baltic herring with mashed potatoes, Kajp butter & lemon from Bakfickan (click).

I had found my new huge organic & KRAV trade fave tea flavors by Lilla Bjers like this one with cocoa flavor ( It's quite "weird "cause it's reminds of the flavor and almost taste exactly like hot cocoa but it's not !) in one of my fave cups from The medieval market at the Medieval week - I LOVE IT!!!

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