6 Classical, Stylish  & Wonderful Summer Dresses With Vintage Vibes 

`s summery dresses are soooo stylish, comfy & nice . Love wearing her dresses so much!!!!

You can dress the dress down or make it less "girly" /"feminine " with a denim or leather jacket on or dress it up with a blazer . A style tip from the coach .

This is that kind of dresses that suits well on a warm day summer day ( especially the thinner fabric with 100 % viscose like the blue flower, pistage green ones, etc. I would recommend the thicker fabrics like the amber, green flower, blue light in the late summer when it's getting much colder or in the very early of spring ) , on the beach with a bikini under you are ready to take a swim and with out even change later for that AW on to another outfit more than a jacket, something warm for the legs and your feet maybe for an icey and nice summery drink in your hand in the summer evening .

.Lisa Strannesten (click) is a swedish stylist/ costume designer/interior stylist living in Gotland . When Lisa is not working as a stylist , costume designer she's working at the drink spot/restaurants Vinäger, Sober, Italienaren (click) or her own very nice Vinäger Boutique ( in the summer ) but has changed name and location this summer to Sunny Side Up Beach Store (click) and will be located in Tofta instead of the old town of Visby .

She came up with the idea to design wearable & stylish summer dresses cause she missed to have that kind of wearable, to - put-on-with-out-an-effort kind of garment. Lisa designed the prints for the dresses on Gotland and has a fair trade ish kinda concept for how the work of the dresses are done. Lisa knows how (cruel &) "dirty" the fashion industry can be - bad environment , overworking like modern slavery, chemicals, violence ( physical & psychological abuse ) , underpaid and some have even died cause of the cost of making "cheap" garments, the industry of the fast fashion. The list can goes on.

Please, watch those documentaries and videos about the very dark side of the fast fashion industry

Lisa has named the models in different gota

Photo : Strannesten

1. In the model "Kyllaj" , print blue flower

Actually I`m wearing dresses often as I can .

The dresses is hand made so they might not always be exactly symmetrical like a factory made garment could be so unfortunately all the 6 dresses I got trough the years didn't fit me so I had to give away that ones that didn't fit me well or didn't fit at all on me. This spring bought some new dresses. All in the same model Kyllaj : the olive green, the pistage green, the pink flower and the light blue .

I`m so glad though the blue flower suited well cause I was missing a summery dress to wear on Midsummer ( but I had another dress, maybe not so summery though in case and as a plan B if the dress wouldn`t fit ) at this time last year. Never feelt prettier or (literally) cooler !! This print and model is definitely one of my faves . I had tried the "Ala" model but it didn`t worked out for me. The Kyllaj si

Actually I use and wearing dresses often as I can

You can watch this swedish interview with Lisa & her partner from summer 2020 where the host in the gotlandish version Hej Gotland of the Swedish morning show Nyhetsmorgon is wearing the model "Ala", green flower in this clip. If you don´t wanna watch the whole clip ( in 1 hour and 30 min ish ) or have the time to watch the whole clip just play forward at the time stamp 54: 50 / 1: 36:57

2. In the model "Kyllaj", light blue

2. In Model "Ala", pink flower

In the model "Kyllaj" on Annika Gustavsson .

Many of the dresses
are in both models "Ala", "Kyllaj" and with the pink flower there's a also a shorter dress named "Alva".

3. In the model " Kyllaj", pistage green flower

4. In the model "Kyllaj", colour "Amber"

5. In the model "Ala" , print green flower .

6. In the model "Kyllaj", olive green