4 Items I love Love Right Now 

As you know- or might actually didn't know by now I`m a kinda huge Verkstan- fan at this point .

kind of things and stuffs do I not got from there?! Haha .

It's that kind of boutique and shop you almost want to buy everything from - the whole concept with all the beautiful, cool & really nice stuffs that's goes hand in hand with together.

I`ve found and some few of my favorite brands from here. Both Scandinavian brands ( I love the Scandinavian fashion and as an artist I want to inspire people to wear more of scandnavian fashion & local small businesses. I Think it's very, very important to support that, and I don't think we do that enough cause people just want to buy the cheapest and / or because of the brand awareness - you stick up with and go with the things you know, heard about etc etc.) - and I love that !

I really, really love the danish Sofie Schnoor ! Here we`re talking about top notch quality. The sweaters, the Mocca boots is so soft, nice and comfortable. It´s alomst kinda rare today to find items with like I said with this kind of high quality and not to mention friendly material for the skin.

These comfy warm boots kinda "saved" me now in the winter. It was like really freaking cold here in Gotland. I was freezing and felt like a literally ice cube there for a while until I got these boots, haha! And I still wear them when I start to freeze, or I mean like my feet is freezing! I got two pair of them - one in the sand colour ( very, very nice colour. It`s such a classic and nature colour that`s almost fit`s everything you wear not matter the other colours it will probably match very often to the rest of the outfit) and one pair of black Mocca boots.

Photo: Verkstan, Sofie Schnoor

I love the print on this sweater!! Feels very Alan Walker (on Tomorrowland ) ish style. Like I said it's soo comfy & nice

Photo: Sofi Schnoor, Dreamandcreativity

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